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Adult Relational Groups:
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7:45 PM - 9:30 PM
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Adolescent Relational Group:
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As adolescents struggle to explore their own individuality, many parents find themselves actively seeking help to better understand and cope with the anxiety, depression or acting out of their adolescent children. Dr. Kahn offers individual and/or group counseling for these parenting issues.

Dr. Kahn offers an Adolescent Relationship Group to help adolescents explore and understand themselves, others and their own values. Adolescents often feel misunderstood as they find themselves in conflict with their families, have difficulty with peers or are isolated from peers, and experience periods of low self esteem. In group, adolescents learn to understand themselves, make connections with peers, and begin to plan for a constructive future.

The supportive environment provided by Dr. Kahn helps adolescents raise self esteem by learning important social skills, and seeing themselves in relation to other people outside their family.

Give your adolescent the separation blanket and skills needed to grow up to be well-adjusted adults. For group openings or additional information, please contact Dr. Gloria Kahn at (914) 997-0501.