Response of Adolescent Group Members to the Question
“What do you Think of Group Therapy”

“I like getting other people my own age’s views, but with a professional there to keep things on the right track. You learn that some other people have the same type of problems. It’s easier to listen to kids your own age tell you something than having it from adults.”

“It’s helpful in not just immediate problems, but when you get in Group you think about things you might not just then be thinking of.”

“You learn that other people had your problem and went through it. The problem still feels lousy, but less stressful.”

“For a person new in individual therapy, being in the Group as well, can make you feel at ease with the Psychologist, because you see other people telling problems, so you feel you can trust the Psychologist more.”

“People come together who you would never be friends with at school. It helps you get rid of stereotypes. You realize how stupid stereotypes are. You realize that people are more important than what they’re thought of by other people.”

“You meet people like you who can help you.”

“You learn that people so different from you are a lot like you underneath.”

“You learn about other people. It’s not all problem solving. It’s just being together, the connecting with the feelings. You don’t have to relate to it, you can just feel them as people.